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For most people, the first thing that comes to mind when they need residential locksmith services is security. We understand that your home holds all your valuable possessions and more so the security and safety of your family depends on the integrity of the locks. We understand this and being a locally owned and operated locksmith company we are highly trusted.

Our locksmiths are your immediate neighbors. We offer you excellent services while still ensuring you have the required peace of mind. We offer 24 hours residential locksmith services ensuring you can regain access regardless of the time of day or night. Our locksmiths are also available even during the holidays.

We offer a variety of residential locksmith services including; replacement of lost house keys to regain access, re-keying your locks for enhanced security, installation of new residential locks, upgrade of old locks to new state of the art locks, maintenance and repair of locks, extraction of broken keys from the locks, new key creation and duplication of keys and also installation of high security locks to enhance security.

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Our professionals also help with your safe boxes and mail boxes too. At this time and age when identity theft is on the rise it is imperative to keep your mail protected and secured if it is delivered in the mail box. We provide certified services and our professionals are highly trained on residential locks of all types including high security locks and recent technologically advanced locks.

Furthermore all our residential locksmiths are insured and licensed to provide locksmith services. This means that you can call on our services without worry of the locksmiths leaving any damages for you in case of an eventuality. Over time it is possible for a lock to get wear and tear problems which is why regular maintenance is required to prevent the lock from failing unexpectedly.


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We offer professional lock maintenance on all types of locks to ensure they are working in the best possible way and any pending problems are spotted and sorted before they can occur. Trying to regain entry into your home or shed when you have lost the keys or a key has broken in the lock means that you have to cause damage to the door or the lock.

It is way more expensive to replace the lock or to call a handy man to replace your door. If you knock the door in, causing damage to the door will mean you need a new door altogether which is really expensive. With our residential locksmith services you can easily and quickly regain entry into your house without incurring major costs.

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