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An attempted break-in to your home or business is always a bad omen and can disrupt your peace of mind like nothing else. The good news is that you can prevent it from happening a second time or before it’s too late. Contact Metairie locksmith company and within minutes you’d be supplied with a professional locksmith who knows exactly what to do to keep your locks from being tampered with. Don’t take any risks. Reach out as soon as possible. In any case, being privy to a few signs of a possible break-in can do wonders in helping you prevent the situation from happening ever again. Read on for 3 red flags you should be on the look-out for if you reckon your lock has been tampered with.

Signs of A Broken or Abused Lock

Scratches on the surface of your lock

For locks that have been used time without number, wear and tear is often inevitable. Nonetheless, if there are conspicuous signs of deep cuts and scrapes near the edges of your lock, then that is enough reason to be alarmed. This usually happens as a result of burglars trying to manipulate the components of your lock device without the authentic key. By using wide array of tools including picks, screwdrivers and other sharp objects, shiny metal scratches are bound to appear on the surface of your lock – an indication that it has been tampered with.

Improper Lock Functioning

Sometimes, there may be no visible attempt of a break-in but you may find something a bit strange about how your key turns when you put it in the lock. This should be enough to get you alert. Why? The reason why your key acts that way is because burglars may have attempted breaking-in with an improvised key. Once the key fits into the target lock, they start to strike the key with a blunt object to trigger the release of the tumbler.

Damaged Lock

This often occurs as a result of the brute force used in attempting to open the door on the part of burglars. Many of them resort to physically damaging the lock as this seems like a far easier option to other methods. This they do by using a crowbar to drill through the lock to damage its body and forcing the door open by kicking. This blatant attempt to break-in is usually accompanied by scratches, debris, splinters etc.

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